Saturday, September 23, 2006

Inconsistency bothers me

I'm in Long Island this weekend, chillin' with the 'rents and my bro. so far I've spent quality time at the mall, and watching FoxNews with my dad wondering how the hell the French have gotten information about OBL from some cave in Pakistan. That's the French for ya. They think they know a lot about everything, but we all know they know nothing about everything. C'mon. You know it.

Anyhow, let's get back to the mall adventure. Apparently things have changed since my highschool years. A Panera Breads opened up right next to the Legal Seafood and boy was I excited when I saw that. The first time I ever went to Panera was when I was helping out on the Bush campaign in Iowa back in '04 and the only decent place to eat was this place called Panera that everyone was raving about. So I would get into my graciously donated from the RNC rental car and drive the eight miles or so through corn and potato fields and then this little Mexican suburb which seemed sort of random, and arrive at the wonderland known as Panera. The coffee was great, you could smell the freshly baked bread, and the sandwiches were just so yummy.

So this got me thinking about chain stores and how excited I got and how I often come across those people that despise them, although most of them tend to be hypocrites. It's like, they stress their hatred of sameness, lack of variety, the death of creativity blah blah blah. However, if you frequent hipster neighborhoods, you'll notice that every restaurant opening up has the same exact menu. They are all French style bistros with occo busso and salad nicoise on the menu. Which is fine, I mean, hell I love slow cooked lamb as much as the next guy, but why no complaints about the monotony? Or overpriced American Apparel opening up everywhere? Where is the consistency here?

Alright, rant = over. Happy new year to Jews out there. I'm off to eat some challah. gimme a HOLLA