Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lesson to be learned

Getting lost in blogsurfland one evening I came upon this Best of Craigslist ad. Funny stuff.

I completely agree with Bitter Bob's comments about guy/girl friendships. 99% of the time, there is an attraction on one side of the spectrum and the guy/girl is just waiting for some late drunken evening when their 'friendship' crosses the line in the sand into 'friendship with benefits' territory. And I think in this case, although the girl is being blamed for being manipulative, the guy deserves equal blame for being stupid. If his girl-friend is crying over other guys and you keep buying her drinks while she's kissing drunk boys at the bar, get a freaking clue. And get a nice girl to treat you right, while you're at it.

UPDATE: Ace puts his $.02 in with some brilliant advice for the men:
This whole "friends" thing is a pussy way to get close to a girl without putting anything on the line. I've done it dozens of times myself. It's unmanly and counterproductive. Make a move or don't, but don't be chickenshit chump waiting months and months for the "right opportunity.