Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Drink up, baby

This is old but Chuck Klosterman has a spot on list of five things no bar should have. I especially agree with numbers 1 and 3. After living in London, I fell deeply in love with the pub. I loved the dark wood and the tall, comfortable stools. I loved pulling pints of bitter from heavy brass fixtures. And I especially loved that you could talk other patrons without having to scream over the barmaid's obnoxious I Tunes selection. At the pub, there's always a good ol' fashioned juke box with some Dylan, Orbison, Beatles and Elvis.

I recently read an article which I can't find at the moment about a new trend in NY to bring babies and small children into bars, especially in areas like Park Slope where all of the 'hip' moms and dads live. I'm going to have to amend Chuck's list with a big fat number 6. Children do not belong in bars. Period. It used to be that once you had kids, your life was over as you knew it, as there was no more time for drinking and partying. It was now all about diapers, zoos and playdates. Nowadays it seems like young parents don't want to accept the fact that they can't squeeze in any fun time of their own, so they choose to bring their responsibilities out into the the unmarried and single crowd hang outs. I am openly against this. Bars are where people go to escape the idea of family life, commitment, and responsibility. I could care less about cabaret licenses. I'm not a huge dancer. I say let bars pay for children licenses.