Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MySpace Anon

I couldn't get into MySpace at first. People kept telling me it was crack, you'll love it, it will rock your world, you will marry it and have loads of babies, etc. And by people, I mean mostly Karol.

So now that I'm officially a MySpace addict and I've seen the dark ugly place that this entity can dig you into, I can speak from experience and tell future addicts why the site is so addictive.

It's sort of why blogging is addictive but only once you have a blog of your own. You can comment on other people's blogs, for example, not only because you want to comment, but also because you secretly want to say something witty and have people click onto your blog. Except with MySpace, you don't actually have to read any blog posts. You can make witty comments about freaking Popeye's fried chicken and chances are, people will click on your MySpace page, read your profile and see eighteen different pictures of you(and some girls, daaaaamn do they put up some pictures). And yeah it's a bit immature to have a back and forth conversation about what happened the night before and have everyone confused by private jokes with your best friend, but whatever! They are clicking on my MySpace page!

So there you have it. MySpace is completely regressing back to highschool where everyone wants to hang out with the cool people and be in their top 8 12 or whatever. It's completely pathetic, and it's officially making my day job suffer.

P.S. Let me know if you want to be my MySpace friend cuz I only have like 35.