Friday, September 21, 2007

On the Eve of Yom Kippur

In the hours before a fast it's really amazing how much attention I pay to my meals. I concentrate on each and every flavor, if the chicken has a hint of sweetness, and the texture of each bite of a potato. I gulp down cold water knowing I won't be able to quench my thirst like that in the next 25 hours.

I didn't start fasting during Yom Kippur until my senior year in college when my calorie-conscious roommate perusaded me suffer along with her. I didn't take the fast seriously until two or three years out of college when I went to an orthodox service. Going to synangogue wasn't any longer a chance to check out the guys sitting in your row. It was about reconciling, and feeling the reconciliation.

I plan to fast every Yom Kippur from now on, and to make a conscious effort to really think about what I did in the past year and how I can improve myself. It's a challenging day, but then again I'm no stranger to challenges.