Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Colorful memories of the wild west

Ari, Karol, Dawn and I spent last weekend in the most glorious state I've ever been to- Montana. I would put it right above Oregon on my Most Beautiful States I've
Visited list. Everytime I looked up, I saw endless blue. And everytime I looked straight, I saw distant mountains with distinct shades of emerald. And everytime I looked down, I saw my sneakers covered in lovely brown dry climate dust instead of black soot. Being back in Manhattan, I keep recalling these vivid scenes, and keep thinking about our wonderful hosts without whom this trip would not have taken place.

I also attended a rodeo where I was convinced that I must find a boyfriend with the name of Cody Miller or Tyler McMillan. And preferably, they should be able to stay on a bull for over 1 minute.

Anyways, I definitely plan on coming back to this little paradise in the wild west. But first, I must go hat shopping.

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