Monday, November 06, 2006

Warning: Borat Spoiler

Tonight at a work dinner and after a couple glasses of wine, I decided to ask if any of my colleagues had seen Borat, yet. That probably wasn't the classiest or most professional move, to ask a bunch of reinsurance heads whom have been on the road for the past two weeks if they've seen a politically incorrect and not very family oriented movie and then to remark at how brilliant the whole idea is. As I suspected, no one had seen it, but I think I sparked some interest and provided a much needed laugh with my sample Borat line: If you like movie, he no get execute.

Anyhow, the movie definitely fell short, in my eyes. I think for the new Borat viewer, those who aren't familiar with his schtick, (I believe most of the movie reviewers fall into this category), Cultural Learnings will be laugh after laugh. But what Borat does best is use his quick wit in interviews and this proved to be disappointing. The skits were cut short, some skits even lacked dialogue, and some involved toilet humor that was 15% funny, and 85% appalling. The antique shop scene wasn't funny at all, I just ended up feeling bad for the shop owner, and the driving instructor scene seemed old and stale. I had seen much funnier skits from previous shows on youtube.

Maybe I'm being too tough on Borat since my expectations, just as everyone's were, was that this was going to be the best fucking movie in the damn universe, but lo and behold I was left wanting more.