Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For my one reader watching the World Cup - You know who you are!

I ended up getting stuck in a sports bar across from my workplace today watching the Spain/France World cup match with a bunch of French supporters. For some reason, no matter where I go to watch the games, I always seem to be cheering for the wrong team. I should have walked the few extra blocks to my old standby, unassuming Irish pub, the one where the foul mouthed bartenders are politically incorrect, the local construction workers drink Bud and read the Post, and the Eastern European men eat lots of bacon. One of those places in the midst of chic Park Avenue lounges where you are sure to have a good time, and where the bartender pours my seltzer and lime even before I sit down. And no, everybody doesn't know my name.

I was sitting next to a guy who kept shouting 'racist' everytime ESPN showed the Spanish coach. Apparently Aragones had some nasty things to say about Henry, the wonderboy of the French team. I tell you, if I had a euro for every racist comment involving a game of soccer, I'd buy myself one of those golden tickets to the finals in July, (the one where Brazil beats Germany, uh-gain).

Anyhow, in case you give a hoot, my top picks are Argentina and Portugal. Argentina is the team everyone loves to hate, for some unknown reason. Some say they play dirty, others say it's because of their badass long hair and bandannas. I think they have a fabulous passing style and effortless goals. And Portugal, well, they are a fine and consistent team that seems to fade out all of the time for no good reason. Italy? Eh, hate 'em. They defend, defend, defend, and then score a lucky goal. Happens every time. Germany bores me for some reason, and it's way too easy to be a Brazil fan. You?