Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate the media

I'm so sick of hearing about how after 9/11 the immediate response from all around the world was one of great sympathy. How everyone was an American for at least a few months. How countries from far and wide -- SHOCKER ALERT -- condemned the attacks! Can you believe it?

Yes, yes, I know, it was because Bush squandered all of the sympathy we had, and blew it out of his ass with his gun-toting-cowboy-unilateral-warmongering ways.

But even in the context of today's media without any mention of the war, I've heard over and over again about how other countries were by our side. Do those guys want some kind of freaking reward for having empathy after witnessing the cold blooded murder of 3,000 people? Thanks, World, for showing us that you care. Because the way I see it, that should be the default response to a tragedy. Sympathy. Condemnation. Anger. Bitterness. Sadness. These are all natural responses that normal human beings (usually) have. The media really has no reason to point this out over and over again and emphasize how Europeans have sympathetic feelings too!

Let's just all try and remember the victims today without bringing in 'world views', shall we?