Thursday, August 28, 2008

Embarrassment. Do something. Please.

I'm embarrased by my alma mater.

The background of the story is that a hypersensitive student complained to the Brandeis faculty when her Latin American professor used the term 'wetbacks'. And he wasn't even demeaning anyone. He was critiquing the use of the word! Whole story here and here.

The faculty then placed a monitor in the prof's classroom and threatened him with termination. Apparently, the prof was never given a written account of the charges against him, and his appeal was cut off by the faculty.

I'm so sick of everyone being so overly sensitive, but I'm more disgusted by the reaction - caving in to their request to just shut up, think like robots and not speak our minds. I wish people would have more courage to defend themselves at least, instead of crying to those that will make them feel better after the big bad bully offended them.

I called Brandeis' President today and left a message in support of the professor because it's a small step I can take to rectify the ridiculousness that is overly PC behavior on campus. You can do the same:

Jehuda Reinharz