Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comments on comments

I read a few 'high profile' (for lack of a better description...I really do not like that term, there is something unbelievable pretentious about it) fashion and food blogs. I'm a big believer that anyone can add intelligent and thoughtful comments to any post, be it a strudel recipe or what kind of boots to wear with a neon green Topshop dress. So why do people insist on leaving inane comments like 'OMG that is soooo cute!!!' or 'that looks sooo yummy I HAVE to try that recipe!'. I don't know. These comments just seem so mundane and superfluous. What about what color would match with what, or what wine to serve, or accessory suggestions or ideas for a vegetarian version? If you don't have anything intelligent or inquisitive to say peeps, just keep it to yourself....