Monday, February 11, 2008

Paranoid Android

The city of New York has this unique ability to take the most pleasant of moods and turn it around faster than you can say 'crossing Delancey'. This happened the other night after a long work day. I was exhausted but felt remarkably productive having handed in a big project, having a belly full of sushi, and having nothing to do that evening except stop by Trader Joe's to pick up some necessities (i.e. chocolate bon bons, pumpkin scones, and sparkling cranberry juice. Those are too necessities!)

I decided to stop by a club on 14th street to arrange an event that I organize that was coming up pretty soon. I normally stop by to talk to a manager beforehand to make sure all of the drink specials and cover charges are set. I walked a good twenty minutes to the club only to find the lights off and the doors locked. As I turned to walk back towards the train, I saw a very tall, burly man with a wide stature turning the lock of the door to the club and letting himself in. Relieved that I didn't completely waste my time treking over there, I ran after him calling out 'Excuse me sir! Excuse me!', before he had a chance to slam the door right behind him. He quickly turned around, took a step forward, looked down at me with cold menacing eyes and yelled 'Back off! Step back!' I did but not before he yelled at me again 'Step back! I don't need anyone following me into doorways!'

I didn't quite know how to react. I never before had an encounter where a man about two times my size actually felt threatened at the sight of me. For those that don't know what I look like, I'll just say I'm about as nonthreatening as a 5 foot 3, 125 pound Ashkenazi Jewish girl can possibly look. I tried to calm him down telling him I just had some questions about bringing a group of people to his club but he continued to treat me like I had some sort of pocket knife I was about to pull out.

I finally left, advising him that maybe he should be worried about other things far more than short girls that like to salsa dance.

And I was off.