Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Passivity: Officially an epidemic

So, in case you are one of the three New Yorkers who hasn't heard about this story, let me update you with some details.

Some hipster guy from Williamsburg sees a girl on the subway. She's writing in her journal and takes no notice of him. For him, it's love at first sight. He chickens out and doesn't talk to her in the end. He goes home, regrets it, and makes a detailed website about their 'encounter'. Some friend of the girl finds the website, calls the girl, contacts Romeo himself, and voila, a match is made in heaven. They meet for coffee (on Bedford Ave, where else?) and they hit it off, spawning a media whirlwind.

As the story explodes on the internet, they get a slot on Good Morning America and now there are talks about a movie deal.

Say what?

So let's review. Some guy is too chickenshit to talk to a cute girl on the subway, decides instead to go home, jerk off in his jammies, make a website about it, happens to find the girl and he gets rewarded with all of this press? What kind of message are we sending the kids?!

You know what I think should make the media go in a frenzy? Some guy that actually has the balls to talk to a cute girl on the subway. Because really, all of these 'Missed Connections' on Craigslist are entertaining and fun to read and all, but how many of them pan out in the end? Answer: Not many. And now just because one cute story did pan out, and it happened to be between a Drew Barrymore-esque Aussie intern with flowers in her hair and some generic hipsterboy, it instills hope where hope surely has no place.

Sometimes I think humans are doing everything in their power to oppose natural selection. It used to be that the strongest and most confident men were able to spread their seeds effectively. It was the weak and passive men that had trouble with the women, and therefore were evolutionary punished. Has it now come to the point where the strong man is the one with the strongest HTML coding skills?

It's a sad world, people.

I'd like to give a big thanks to my friend Patrick who now represents all chickenshit boys in New York who refuse to put any effort into making the first move when the first move is appropriate and not days later when the moment is gone and the girl thinks you are semi-creepy but will meet you anyway because you were loser enough to put all of this effort into your web design.

Thanks, Pat.