Thursday, February 07, 2008

Election griping

With Romney dropping out today, I am really dejected. The more I had read about Romney, the more I liked him. He had great business credentials, proposed tax cuts, promised to put a stop to no money down mortgage loans as a result of the recent subprime fiasco. He was someone I could count on to control spending. He was outspoken about the threat of Islamic terrorism and the danger of pulling out of Iraq now. He came across as honest, serious and genuine and doesn't have an ex-Fugees member singing songs about him on You Tube.

But I will carry on supporting McCain, someone I'm not nearly as disappointed at as my fellow Republicans.

I will say that unlike my fellow Republicans, I prefer Hillary over Obama. I am disgusted when I see reactions to Obama speeches. The emotions that can be seen from endless empty promises give me the chills. I'd rather have someone with straightforward evilness take office than someone who has three word catch phrases.

I was trying to explain to a coworker why I could never vote Democrat. I can't say I've followed elections for the past few decades, but I can't remember any Democratic candidate being so vocally socialist on so many issues. And especially when universal health care comes into play, I have the urge to cover my ears. I feel there is no need to screw up what is the best health care in the world, something my loved ones can take advantage of. It's disgusts to me to hear 26 year olds complain about health care when all they get is ear checks every three years. There is a reason we don't care about health care when we are young. We simply do not need it yet.

I'm done with my griping for a while, but I fear this election will turn me into a true grouch.