Friday, September 28, 2007

Random question

Why is it a thousand times more exciting to get a text message than a voice message?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More craigslist insanity - help I can't stop reading this stuff


We met over a steaming pile of turds. . .

Me- I was picking up my dog's shit, following the law, minding my own business.

You- old woman who looked like a broomstick with a bad weave- who said to me mid-scoop "you shouldn't let your dog do that (poop), he should do it over there (points to middle of street)"

I just wanted to say I should've gotten your phone number, but I was just too angry to ask. You see, I felt a real connection between us. The audacity of an old bag to yell at my (4 pound puppy nonetheless) dog for shitting, having the shit picked up and then properly thrown away, overwhelmed me with rage. And I like to surround myself with petty, trite people that fill me with rage. My shrink says it's 'constructive.'

So how about this, give me your number and the next time my dog needs to take a shit I'll drop you a line, come over, and let him shit in your wrinkled crusty mouth.

then coffee?


Monday, September 24, 2007

Stop being cool.

My newest addiction is Best of Craigslist. I had to link to this one particular poster and his very articulate assessment of growing up alternative and eventually becoming a hipster. It's really spot on.


Friday, September 21, 2007

On the Eve of Yom Kippur

In the hours before a fast it's really amazing how much attention I pay to my meals. I concentrate on each and every flavor, if the chicken has a hint of sweetness, and the texture of each bite of a potato. I gulp down cold water knowing I won't be able to quench my thirst like that in the next 25 hours.

I didn't start fasting during Yom Kippur until my senior year in college when my calorie-conscious roommate perusaded me suffer along with her. I didn't take the fast seriously until two or three years out of college when I went to an orthodox service. Going to synangogue wasn't any longer a chance to check out the guys sitting in your row. It was about reconciling, and feeling the reconciliation.

I plan to fast every Yom Kippur from now on, and to make a conscious effort to really think about what I did in the past year and how I can improve myself. It's a challenging day, but then again I'm no stranger to challenges.


Looking good, eh.

Congratulations to all you Canucks out there. Except for those of you that work here and earn the American dollar. You got screwed!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This should be good.

I read the amazing novel and almost cried during the trailer when I saw this yesterday. Here's a preview.

Via gatewaypundit


The new 21

So I'm about a month away from turning thirty and I have to be honest, this feeling of dread is beginning to nag. All my friends who've turned thirty already told me I'd go through this. They said the anticipation of it would be the worst, but once I crossed over to the other side, it's really not bad. In fact, it's quite a relief.

I'm trying not to get all dramatic/neurotic about it, but I'm having a hard time thinking about anything else. I feel like I've outgrown some things and at the same time refuse to outgrow others. I'm thankful and proud of the things I've accomplished, but somehow feel like I deserve more given the effort I've put into various aspects of my life. Even the celebration itself conjures up conflict. I want to go out, but I'm bored of getting drunk at bars. I need to do something different, but it seems like everyone has to get up early the next morning for some sort of reunion or a barbeque with the in-laws.

Last year I threw myself a big 29th birthday party. This year I'll be spending it without my close friends, and will instead be at a wedding upstate. I'm actually thankful I don't have to plan anything, don't have to make a big deal about anything, don't have to think about what this turning point means in my life.

To make my last 30 days in my twenties a bit more exciting and less dreadful, I've put together a list of things i want to do. Some of which I've done. I hope these don't sound too Lifetime-ish.

-Get a drastic haircut. I'd like to give a special thank you to Petitedov who pushed me and took me to the craziest hairdresser ever and gave me a fabulous haircut.

-Kiss someone new. Someone I'm attracted to. When I'm not drunk.

-Stay up late with friends as much as possible and pour our hearts out.



-Write a new song

-Help my family out as much as I can.

-Get a massage


-Ride my bike to the beach and look out into the ocean one last time before summer ends.