Monday, July 02, 2007


So let's say hypothetically you had just finished a 30 mile bikeride. It was your first bikeride of the season, you were sweaty, gross, and tired, had just dragged your bike on the subway, were ready for a hot bath, and had no intention of talking to anyone on your way home.

And then a past obsession of yours walks on the subway, sits down, and has a vacant seat next to him. He's a C list celebrity, someone you've seen in concert a number of times, and is probably a very approachable person. You fantasize about having an amazing conversation about music and pasts and pain and family and love and religion and goals. You want to tell him about the demo you are recording and ask if he lives in New York now.

But you don't. Do you move on, or bang your fists on that subway door regretting your decision?....