Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things that make you go hmmm

If you know you are naive, does that make you less naive?


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How do you say tour de france in japanese?

I sometimes tell people that New Yorkers, despite their reputation, are friendly people. They can get rude and can certainly be difficult, but only if provoked (i.e. pushed at, looked at the wrong way, or if a parking space has been stolen). The French, on the other hand, tend to be rude just for the sake of being rude.

Apparently the Japanese are traumatized by French character so much that there's a name for it.

Around a dozen Japanese tourists a year need psychological
treatment after visiting Paris as the reality of unfriendly locals and scruffy
streets clashes with their expectations, a newspaper reported on Sunday...

"For us, Paris is a dream city. All the French are beautiful and
elegant...And then, when they arrive, the Japanese find the French character is the complete opposite of their own."


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let's hear it for the boys

Having lived with boyfriends in the past, it takes some adjusting to get into the groove of living by yourself again. No matter what some girls say, we need to have men around to do stuff for us. Below is a list of things I had always taken for granted when the guys were around. Kudos to the men out there for keeping us in line. Girls, thank your live in boyfriends/husbands for all that they do for you. Cook them a hot meal, you lazy bums! Or just give them a BJ. That's probably easier.

1)Open jars for us. I know it sounds cliche and all, but it gets annoying with that knife or hot water trick. Plus it just looks hot to see some bulging biceps and big hands around some of that Basil and Garlic Ragu Pasta sauce. Mmmm. Basil.

2)Fix our computer. Clean up our desktop. Tell us that we don't run ad aware as often as we should and explain to us how an MPEG file differs from an MP3. We forget the next day and you remind us.

3)Keep our Netflix queue stocked with less girly movies. If it weren't for boys, we would have had a queue full of Juliet Binoche and Audrey Hepburn films. We love all kinds of films, it's just, what are we gonna do watch Full Metal Jacket by ourselves?

4) Cooking together. We chop the veggies, they'll buy the booze. We forget the butter, they run out to the store and get it for us. It's teamwork. It's putting in four hours of prep time to eat for fifteen minutes. Because it really doesn't get any better than feeding eachother tastes straight from the pot while sipping on a glass of wine.

5) Falling asleep face to face and inhaling masculine neck scent while he wraps his heavy arm around your waist.

What do you miss, or take for granted?

Don't worry, I haven't gotten all sentimental on you. My next list is things I do not miss about having a guy around all of the damn time.