Thursday, May 03, 2007

My gay best friend

Pdov has a great post about the dangers of a single girl's relationship with her gay best friend (GBF from here on in). As someone who lived with her GBF for two years in college, I can say that codependency is all too likely, especially in my case in which my best friend hadn't officially come out of the closet. It was very natural and we found comfort in eachother's craziness. I gained a lot from our friendship, but I did realize that in a lot of ways, I had no need for a boyfriend. I was the Grace and he was the Will, and we made eachother laugh, and we liked to eat sushi and he yelled at me because I didn't mop the floor and I yelled at him because he was OCD about mopping the floor and then we made up and went out to the Worcester outlet mall to see what was on sale at DKNY. We are rarely in touch these days since our social paths split. Once he came out, he sort of went crazy with the gay dating scene and after college I went crazy with the music nightlife scene.

Which maybe goes to show you that a relationship cannot be sustained on emotional support and a common location. There needs to be similar interests and other common ground. Or maybe we are both just bad a keeping in touch.